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National Armed Forces Day - Stirling 2014


AFD Events is a Free Service provided by AFD Badges for all event organisers and AFD charities. This site is provided Free of charge for event organisers to list their event details and as an event facility search for the public.


We provide Armed Forces Day Lapel Badges, Wristbands, Trolley Tokens, Polo Shirts, Bumper Stickers and much more to Armed Forces Day events across the UK to help them generate income for their chosen charity or association.

In 2014 we commissioned a Sterling Silver Brooch in the style of  the Armed Forces Day Logo. It was encrusted with 150 Rubies and 70 Sapphires. The Brooch was presented to Her Majesty The Queen in June 2014 to commemorate 62 years un-wavering service to her people and as head of the Armed Forces. 'The Queen was deligted to receive the brooch'.


Neil Stevens

As one of the founders and main donors to the AFD Badges initiative Neil has supported dozens of military charities, cadet forces, museums and associations to generate income for their charity and good causes over the last few years.

Outside of the direct support via the AFD Badges initiative, Neil is a supporter of all 3 Armed Forces and their communities through various other initiatives.

Examples of how he shows his support include: being an associate Member of both the Royal Air Forces Association and Royal Naval Association. Friend, Patron or Member of many military museums, including The Gurkha Museum, RAF Museum, Highlanders Museum, Blackwatch Museum & Castle, Royal Marines Museum etc. Supporter of the War Memorials Trust and Fly Navy Heritage Trust and many more.

Bill Waters

Joint founder and key principal within the AFD Badges initiative Bill has made a significant personal and professional contribution to the Armed Forces Community and associated charities. As a serving soldier in the British Army of over 22 years, Bill has contributed a significant amount of his off duty time to furthering the aims and purpose of AFD Badges, promoting Armed Forces Day and generating thousands of pounds for many military charities, groups and associations across the UK.

As a result of his efforts he has gained commendations within his serving unit for his contribution and charity work.

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